Greg Landry

My name is Greg Landry and I started going to Nouveau Visage about two years ago for hormone therapy. I was extremely over weight, had no energy and just generally felt bad all of the time. The therapy helped me with me energy level and really had me feeling great, but I wasn’t losing any weight. This was because I just thought that this would magically happen. I was later diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I would stop breathing 90 times an hour while sleeping!! Starting April 2016 weighing in at 336 lbs I decided to make a change. Dr. Felton and his staff helped me through the whole process!! They gave advise on nutrition and exercise, they kept track of my progress while keeping me motivated and have just been a true blessing in my life!! They have always made me feel like more than just a patient and I look forward to my weekly visits!! These guys are second to none!! I am now 11 months into my weight loss journey and I have loss 98 lbs (at my lightest weight of 238) and dropped down from around 40% body fat to 15% body fat. I now am weighing 243 after putting on 5 lbs of muscle, but my journey is not over and I know I will always have the team at Nouveau Visage to support me, keep me motivated and pick me up when I’m down. They have become more than just my doctors office, I consider these guys family and I would recommend them to anyone!!