Facial Treatments

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Facial Treatments

We are proud to offer a custom-designed skin care regimen with state-of the-art products designed to maintain your beautiful skin. Our uniquely individualized masques tighten, tone, hydrate, nourish, heal, sooth, and rejuvenate the skin by exfoliating dead skin and stimulating blood circulation resulting in a refreshed and softer you.


Our customized facial addresses your individual skin concerns and is tailored to your specific skincare needs and type. Let our expert aestheticians analyze your skin to achieve your desired results.


Improve skin laxity with this intense skin-tightening facial. Our anti-oxidant enzyme firming masque followed by the application of our specially formulated vitamin pack is designed to stimulate the cell renewal process. This facial will leave skin looking and feeling smoothly polished and refreshed.


The sun, shaving, and father time all take a toll on a man’s face. This toll manifests as scars, blemishes, age spots, and sagging skin. Allow us to deliver a customized facial that addresses a man’s specific skincare needs.


Radio Frequency Facial is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and facial skin imperfections. Gentle Radio waves are directed into the skin to treat skin laxity through collagen remodeling resulting in smoothing and tightening of the skin. The treatment also improves skin tone and texture.


Mend facial stresses with our intense moisturizing masque that soothes and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin while penetrating and stimulating sluggish sebaceous glands. This facial will leave your skin balanced and purified with a radiant glow.


This customized acne therapy penetrates deep into pores to detoxify and slow the production of acne causing oils. Combining prescription ingredients with extensive exfoliation, this facial helps prevent the formation of future acne.


Effective in reversing the signs of aging, Vitamin C is the most important anti-oxidant for the skin. It is effective in treating broken capillaries, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity. This treatment will promote an even skin tone, increase collagen production, and rebuild healthy skin tissue resulting in a vibrant more youthful glow.


A skin treatment formulated specifically for the back to detoxify, rejuvenate, and smooth the skin. The facial focuses on cleansing, exfoliating, and treating the congestion of clogged pores leaving a smoother texture and even skin tone.


An oxygen facial is a beauty treatment that uses pure oxygen and a moisturizing serum to revitalize your face. An airbrush device uses hyperbaric oxygen to direct a serum containing moisturizers, antioxidants, and vitamins directly into the skin, helping the skin to absorb these ingredients more quickly. There is no downtime with this facial and make-up can be applied directly after the facial.

All of our facials include a décolleté massage, steaming, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and moisturizing treatment.